Monday, March 7, 2011

Loving others, loving ourselves

I have an immense capacity for love; loving others comes quickly and naturally to me. I appreciate this about myself and consider it a special gift. However, I've learned to be very careful with this gift, as it often leads to disappointment and heartbreak. The other day I read a blog that helped me realize I shouldn't be so apprehensive when it comes to loving others. Rather, I should openly share that love with those around me, regardless of whether or not they are able to return it. I've started applying this in my friendships and already feel much better about life.

I've decided that my loving nature is my favorite quality. What do you like most about yourself? I asked this question on Facebook last night, and below are some of the responses I received. What can you add to this list? Post your response in the comments.
  • I have amazing eyelashes and a kind heart (K.G.)
  • That my body can grow great babies, and that I am creative (S.G.)
  • That I have a kind and loving heart and a beautiful daughter of God (D.L.)
  • My ability to laugh in the face of great trial and adversity and ... well... pretty much everything to be honest (D.G.)
  • My curiosity... I always want to learn more and know more about just about anything (C.W.)
  • I'm learning to love my new scar, which reminds me everyday that I beat cancer (M.P.)
  • What I like the most is that I am a hard worker, and that my self-esteem is robust and healthy (C.T.)
  • i'm quick to forgive. i also really like that i have such a great appetite....mostly for chocolate chip cookies and ice cream :) (A.M.)

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